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Mindful Scense: for the Distracted Mind

Mindful activities have many brain health and physical health benefits and anyone can do them.  It only takes a few minutes to start a mental wellness practice.  This video demonstrates using your 5 senses to be mindful.

Embracing Your Anger: Part 1

All people experience anger to some degree, many people don't know where their anger comes from or why they react so intensely to minor situations.  In this video I explain what happens in the brain when strong emotions get triggered and how to become more aware of your level of emotions before blowing up.

Embracing Your Anger: Part 2

In Part 2 of Embracing Your Anger I share questions to ask yourself and strategies to identify your triggers so that anger can be better understood and therefore handled in a more reasonable way.  Applying these skills help you understand the intense feelings and with practice gain control over your reactions.