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All minds are mentally healthy and, at times, mentally ill, so keep yours healthy!

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Everyone can improve their mental health simply by taking just a few minutes a day to be present.  Take 5 minutes to focus on something positive, to notice your emotions and thoughts NOW, in the present moment, without judging.  Be an observer of yourself and just notice.  

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Mental illness results in 2.5 trillion dollars a year in economic costs to our country each year and mental illness is growing.  It is becoming the leading health problem in the world.  When patients only get 7 minutes with their doctor, how do you even have the opportunity to explain any mental health concerns that may be going on?   This is why we need to re-think mental health services as part of routine healthcare.  We need to expect to see a mental health professional on a regular basis to discuss our stress and to help us with strategies before they cost us our relationships, jobs and turning into a disabling condition.  

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Whether you just need a person to coach you towards your life goals or you are looking for a therapist, I can work with both adults and teens. I am licensed to work with residents of California or South Carolina.   I can work with clients either in-person or on-line depending on your location and scheduling needs.  

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Services Provided in for English speakers or American Sign Language users

If you live in the Myrtle Beach, SC area call for an office visit.

On-Line telemental health Services for any California or South Carolina  resident.  If you live in another state call to see if coaching services are what you need. 

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