Marcy Cates, LISW-CP

Mental Health Treatment

MENTAL  WELLNESS WORKSHOPS in Surfside Beach, SC.  Better understand the  relationship between your thoughts and emotions, and find ways to better  manage life.

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES in Surfside Beach with an emphasis on prevention of long-term struggles.

My Passion

For  over 35 years I have worked in social services, starting my career as  an interpreter for the Deaf.  Working with people of all walks of life,  many different cultures, ages and functioning levels has enabled me to  grasp that there is a natural response to stress in all of us. Yet very  few people have been taught or understand it.  When people understand  something, they can learn new ways to deal with it and have better  mental health.In 1995 I started my career in mental health  serving adults and children.  My primary focus has been working with  people who have survived trauma.  Recently, I decided to make a change  in my career after a colleague committed suicide.  I thought, "If a  mental health professional isn't even comfortable seeking help, how can  we expect the general public to seek help?" This event stunned me and  prompted me to start this website.  It occurred to me the extent that  mental illness is a stigma and needs to be approached in a new way.  I  hope that we can start a conversation about actually preventing mental  health problems, and by doing so, preventing more violence, grief and  loss in the world.

Advanced Training:

  • Certified EMDR Therapist 
  • Short-term Treatments
  • CPT Certified
  • Emotion Regulation Skills
  • Pain Reduction
  • Addictions